Live Tweeting

We are proud to launch one of our newest services.  Live tweeting is a necessary component for your next meeting, event or conference.  Having an event management team member tweet inconsistently between setting up speaker rooms, greeting attendees or running other errands is not maximizing the free marketing value of tweeting while your event is LIVE. Affordable resources are available to provide continuous coverage on your Twitter stream and other social media channels as needed to influence attendees and potential attendees listening on the backchannel. 

Live Tweeting is also a great way to get the word out in the entertainment industry as well.  We can send live tweet resources to your next concert, show or promotion to make sure that people are aware, real time, of what is happening.

We will work with you prior to your conference or event to outline your goals, brand messaging and FAQs from attendees.  Following the event we'll provide reporting of the success of the live tweeting initiative.

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Benefits of LiveTweet Resources include:

  • Dedicated Resource(s) to "live tweet" during your in person or virtual events
  • Continuous engagement of attendees and marketing to "listeners" on social media backchannels.
  • Full coverage of event and additional benefit to event sponsors via social media "shout outs"
  • Maximize volume of event chatter and Twitter hashtag usage throughout the event
  • Provide virtual customer service for attendees and opportunities to share announcements or updates
  • Additional, constantly manned, virtual station to address attendees who are "on the go" and have questions
  • Promote interaction with speakers, presenters and demos by encouraging questions from Twitter stream
  • Engage virtual attendees at hybrid events and make them feel like more of an audience member